For Sale 1997 Lexus project for sale

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United States
First, the reason I am selling. I am moving out of the country in 3-4 years and I thought that I would take the truck with me. While possible, I can get a diesel FJ80 cheaper when I land there so it just doesn't make sense to complete my project.

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Here is what you get:
rust free body truck
All body holes welded
New headliner and cleaned/lubed sunroof
restitched seats
wheels are in great shape, needs tires
new carpet

Engine drive train
Rebuilt head-new seals and guides done by not on mainstreet garage in Atlanta (same guys that ACC use)
Rebuilt T-case with crawler low gears, plus original gears (ACC rebuilt the T-case and installed the gears)
cleaned and flowed injectors
Working tranny
**The block is there but it needs a new block or at least decked
**Engine is out

Tons gaskets, parts, hoses, new harness etc. They total around $1500+ and will complete the truck build

hoist, engine stand, parts washer

This is a monster deal for someone that wants another project. $3k firm.
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Ahh. One more add. I was going to paint it CARC tan. I have a gallon of primer and (substitute, not actual CARC) tan and a box of black, primer and tan spray cans to go with it.
If you decide to part out please let me know. I might be interested in some things.

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