SOLD 1988 FJ62 For Sale in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

United States
I am selling my 1988 FJ62. The truck has 179,XXX miles on it, and it has been my daily driver until I got a new job that equites travel across the state, which is the reason for sale...

Overall, she’s in pretty good shape:
  • PO performed extensive body and paint work to repair/replace rusted body panels
  • ARB front bumper with winch (lights are just for show right now - PO hadn't wired them and I didn't have a need for them)
  • OME 2.5"(?) lift
  • BFG 33x12.50 AT tires with aluminum wheels
  • Decent interior - PO reupholstered the seats with neoprene camo, so I installed covers, but seat foam is firm and comfortable; no cracks in the dash; new shifter bushings; rear carpet has seen better days though
  • Work I have completed:
    • Fluids/filters changed
    • OEM spark plugs and wires
    • OEM fuel filter
    • OEM distributor cap and rotor
    • OEM thermostat
    • OEM throttle position sensor
    • Cleaned throttle body
    • OEM fuel pulsation damper
    • Fuel pressure regulator (OEM equivalent)
    • OEM fan clutch
    • Reman alternator
    • New battery
    • Front brake pads
    • Rodney transmission flush
    • New power steering pump

I also have a Yakima roof rack that has seen better days if you're interested (no charge).

Asking 8,500





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May 24, 2016
Baton Rouge, LA
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No, it has not sold. I haven't even listed it locally, yet. Here are a couple undercarriage photos that I took on my way out the door this morning.

Sorry for the extremely slow response. I just closed on an investment property, and it is taking up all of my time outside of work.

As you can see in the photos, there isn't a lot of rust, except in the C channels. The lighting in the C-channel photo almost looks like it is rusted through, but it is not. Just the inner layer is scaled up.

View from Driver Side.jpg
Driver Front Fender.jpg
Passenger Knuckle.jpg
Rear Axle.jpg

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