For Sale 1963 FJ43 for $269K

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The ad includes the "story" of Land Cruisers, as a copy of the U.S. Military Jeep.
While this has been the popular tale, there is little in common between the M-jeeps and the Cruisers.
What IS more similar is the old Dodge Power Wagon. Frames & crossmembers similar, gusseted axles, other components similar, much more. So, IMO, if there was reverse engineering done by Toyota, it was from the Power Wagon.

BTW and FWIW, the huge air filter on the '68 - '73 Cruisers is exactly the same as used in Huey helicopters.
That is not a very good looking truck.....

From a short bit of reading of the ad....I would say these guys made it
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Wow. I read through the ad and then linked to the fab shop. It gave me a few chuckles. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during one of their builds. It's got to be reminiscent of the Sopranos up in there. So much ego.

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