15" Wheels & spacers....or 16's....

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Apr 1, 2004
Northern Colorado
Going to be building my 80 up once I finally get another one for my wife.

I have 5 new BFG m/t's with less than 5K on them and AE589 aluminum rims, this is the size iwould like to run on my 80 once I build it up.

Would this be bad running them with 1.25" spacers/adapters (marlin/trail gear)?

or should I sell and just buy some 315's which are going to be $$$$ With what I could sell them for, i barely can buy 4 new 315's....

are you sure that the wheels you have are going to fit with 1.25 spaceers?

the one combo that I saw aptempted it would not have, a diffrent shaped wheel may work
I put one on the rear and it seemed to just be off slightly. Like 1/4-1/2" to clear easily to clear. The backspacing is 3.25" on the rims.

Just wondering if there is anything wrong with running 15's?
not really .. a litlle more wear in your front bearings but nothing to worry ..

tito are using 1.5" wheel spacers I thought for a year or more .. without problems ..


also I use 2" wheel spacers in y Tencha.
There will be some problems. With a 3.25" backspaced wheel I think you could run a .75 or 1" spacer and clear the rear brakes. I figured it out to be about 2.7" of backspacing to clear the rear brakes. Your next issue is going to be the front. I bought some 15x8s with 2" backspacing. They were great in the rear but I had problems with the front in turning. They will work if you take the flares out and do some trimming but I wasn't willing to run the rig with tires sticking out that far without flares. The local law enforcement doesn't like that. They also don't like running without bumpers or mudflaps. :(
If i go with a 15x8" procomp nato style steel wheel will I have any issues with clearing the brakes on a '95 even with the much thinner material of the steel vs. alum rim?

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