wheel fitment

  1. aryanalp

    2009 LX570 - Wheel & Tyre Upgrade?

    Greetings to the good people of iH8mud. I have been lurking here and reading your posts prior to making the purchase of my LX570, and only today I have decided to officially register on this forum. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your endless contribution to this forum. It has...
  2. P

    Which of these wheels would you install on your own LC200?

    Folks, I was hoping to get some sage advice on a build for a (new to me) 2014 Land Cruiser 200 series. I may have to spread the build out over time so my wife doesn't divorce me :nailbiting: but in the short term, I'd like to swap out wheels/tires (and possibly upgrade a suspension kit if...
  3. P

    Wheel Fitment Question

    I have a 91 80 series stock, with 31x10.5x15 tires on. I came accross some rims I would like to purchase. These are 15x7.5" with a 3.5"backspacing. My question is whether these will fit without spacers? I believe these will poke out 1.5" more than the factory 15x7" with 4.5" backspacing...
  4. Climblife

    Lifting a gx470

    Hi guys, I'm looking to build a lifted gx 470. I'd like to go as big as I can ( obviously ) both on the lift and the tires. Id also like to run at least a 9 inch wide wheel with minor tire poke. However, I will be daily driving this thing so the lift that I get needs to be able to take...
  5. B

    American Racing Teflon Mojave Wheel Fitment/Offset FJZ80

    Hi All, Its been a really long time since i have posted, but i cannot seem to find the information needed on the wheels i am looking to purchase for my restoration. I am looking to run 285/70/17 on American Racing Mojave wheels. I believe the wheels are 17x8, linked below is a youtube video...
  6. Surf n Turf

    HDJ81 Wheel fitment and suspension help

    Hey greeting's IH8MUD, just joined up and have a few question's as i'm about to purchase an 80 series Land Cruiser. Details can be found here dbw408: TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 1993 | CarJam, note the picture is not the actual vehicle. As for my questions i was curious about the factory wheel size, as...
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