1. Acrad

    ••2010-2013 GX 460 Special Service Campaign

    Special Service Campaign JLG I am posting this multiple places since new and current owners may not be aware. Yes. There are bypass options but this is FREE as well. Confirm extended warranty campaigns/recalls here----> https://drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrive...safety-recalls 8.8.2019...

    ***COMEUP Winches - New 5year Warranty***

    COMEUP Winch is excited to provide an extended 5 year warranty on electrical components on DV and SEAL series winches! We have always taken pride in the reliability of COMEUP winches and to show our commitment to top shelf reliability we are offering this warranty for any winches purchased in...
  3. S

    For Sale  2003 LC / Under 100K / Platinum Toyota Warranty

    Hello, Thanks for your interest. Updated - See major service completed below. Under 100K and in great condition. For sale for $22,500 Serviced at Boulder, CO Toyota. Previous service at Toyota dealerships. Records available. All major service completed - Including timing belt, serpentine...
  4. linuxgod

    Buying a 200-series - what are common repairs and would you buy an extended warranty?

    My wife and I are buying a 2013 Land Cruiser, which is currently being shipped by AutoNation from a store in Houston to Chicago. The prior owner owned it for a bit less than 2 years and put almost 49,000 miles on it. Very clean carfax and full service history. The dealer sold it as Toyota CPO...
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