warn 8274 winch

  1. OutdoorX4

    SOLD  Brand New Warn M8274 Winch *Still in Box*

    I have a brand-new Warn M8274 winch I purchased for a restoration project but as the costs of the restoration are escalating, I'm selling the winch to offset some of those costs. The winch is brand-new, never used and still in the original box. I paid $2,150 and am willing to sell for $2,000...
  2. Pbtrader

    Wanted  NC: ISO Warn 8724

    Looking for a Warn 8724 Winch to put on my FJ 40. In NC near Raleigh. Any leads. Thanks.
  3. V

    Attaching synthetic rope to Warn 8274 winch

    Everyone, I bought a 95' 1/2 synthetic rope for my Warn 8274 winch. It's too thick to fit through the hole on the winch spool to secure it. is there a way to safely attach the rope with having to use the hole on the spool? The end of the rope has a nice protective covering for the first section...
  4. V

    Looking for Warn Part # 9220

    Hey everyone. I've been looking everywhere for the pawl brake cap for my Warn winch (part 9220 and #17 in the pic). I've found the entire pawl brake assembly (part 7605) but only need the cap. I've also contacted Warn and they don't offer the cap separately. Thanks for your help!
  5. J

    SOLD  24v WARN 8274 motor, solenoid and controller

    $300 OBO + shipping Converted my 24v Warn 8274 to a 12v to fit the new truck Selling motor with 24v windings and complete 24v solenoid pack and controller Only requires bearing (available from warn) and 2 ga grounding wire (+) is supplied with the above Located in Steamboat Springs, CO
  6. WharfRat

    SOLD  Warn 8274 winch

    Warn 8274 winch in great condition. I recently purchased this winch, but decided to purchase a 24v winch for my 24v HJ60. I have bench tested this winch, cable in & out, works as it should. I will ship anywhere in the continental US. $750 + shipping.
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