1. workingdog

    basic questions about VSS

    I need a VSS on my 2001-ish 6.0 Vortec in front of a NV4500. I was looking online and I've hard about two options which I am looking for more detail on. Some have talked about putting a device on the speedo output that will generate the appropriate signal for the ECM, but I can't find what...
  2. bw86newman

    No speedometer....Speed Sensors??

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on here as an actual owner of a land cruiser. I just purchased a 1995 J80 from the original owner about a month ago. PO kept amazing care of the truck and there are a bunch of maintenance records to go with it....no wheeling, just a city car. Everything...
  3. 65swb45

    For Sale  FJ40 used VSS, SoCal

    Stock In line unit found on 69-71 vehicles, used to switch the VSV. $100 shipped. Post or call the shop. No PMs please. Mark
  4. NikP

    Wanted  JTR VSS for TBI

    JTR isn't making the speedometer driven VSS any more so I'm looking for one. Let know what you have.
  5. NikP

    VSS TBI Option? JTR not making what I need anymore.

    I installed a 92 Chevy TBI in my 75 FJ40. I placed an order for the JTR speedo driven VSS and after 10 days they say they are going to make them. They sell a reluctor ring version that bolts on the PTO shaft but it can't bolt on with the AA crossmember. I saw someone retrofitted a mount on...
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