steering shaft

  1. jesus888

    Wanted (Atlanta, GA) FJ60 Steering Shaft

    Looking for an FJ60 Steering shaft as seen on Post #18 from this thread: Builds: Project “Where to even begin...” If you're local that's a plus... if you're not, I'll need a shipped price to 30338
  2. evilorgoodtwin

    Steering shaft parts came in (pics)...rocking bearing?

    Parts guy Shawn down where Cdan used to work, did a great job getting me hooked up with parts. One thing I always liked about Dan (and was willing to spend shipping on) was that I always got the right parts and I didn't have to know everything, unlike at my local dealer. The techie part: I had...
  3. 4wheelfever

    Factory weld under the rubber on steering shaft 1987?

    I took the steering shaft off my 87 to grease the telescoping splines in an effort to get rid of the steering clunk like so many threads mention and since later FJ60's do not have the grease zerk. I removed it at the steering gearbox end and there is a rubber boot that covers where the shaft...
  4. K

    Wanted Saginaw steering parts- frame plates, steering shaft etc.

    I am looking for a frame plate set, preferably the 4x4labs one. Also looking for the steering shaft, u-joints and pass through/bulkhead joint. I'd also take a pitman arm that can be or is already reamed for 1-ton TRE. Please PM me if you have anything.
  5. 4Cruisers

    SOLD Steering Shaft Spacer (for Body Lift?) NM Price Reduction

    Steering shaft spacer for Land Cruisers (and pickups/4-Runners?) $20 $15 shipped. I don't recall exactly where this came from. The spacer is 1" thick and the diameter of the stud/hole pattern is 2-1/2". SOLD
  6. mdman

    Wanted 69-9/72 FJ40 Steering Shaft (P/N 45201-60022)

    All, I'm looking for a 69-9/72 FJ40 Steering Shaft (P/N 45201-60022). Thanks
  7. mdman

    FJ40 Steering Shaft P/N 45201-60022

    Does anyone know where to find a steering shaft for a 69-9/72 FJ40 (P/N 45201-60022)? All of the dealers say that this part has been discontinued.
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