1. leucadiacruiser

    SOLD Spot Gen 3 GPS communicator

    Just upgraded to SpotX so yours shipped for $50
  2. NYIronPig

    What Flood and/or Spot Lights are on your FJ40?

    Looking to get a set of LED Flood and/or spot lights for my FJ40. Would love to know what people are using, how they like and any pics to show how they look. Also open to buying any that you might have and are not using.
  3. DirtScaresMe

    Good "accessory" wiring spot needed

    Finishing up a new subwoofer, and I need to supply power via the "accessory" mode. It's the connection that shuts the sub off when the truck's off since its main power is direct to the battery.
  4. A1ASouth

    Spot Treat Rust ideas?

    Cruisers...I am curious to hear ideas you may have on how to spot treat rust. My '70 40 has a good few spots of rust...all over the exterior. Nothing I want to sand and treat...I just want to slow the progression. Keep the patina, but slow it down. Someone mentioned nail polish....really? I...
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