1. C

    Wanted Canvas FST and door skins for 1965 FJ40

    I'm looking for a high quality soft top and matching door skins for an early 1965 FJ40 FST we are restoring. In browsing the forums, it looks like there were a number of options years ago (e.g. paktops), but those vendors don't seem to be active anymore. Anyone have an army green one in good...
  2. sigorama

    For Sale Best Top Soft Top, FJ40

    SOLD! I have a best top soft top for a Toyota LandCruiser FJ-40 with the full soft doors. It would be for an early FJ 40 with the barn doors on back. In good condition less one small tear on the top by one of the windows, which could easily be stitched up. See pics here: Best Top Soft Top -...
  3. stock

    OME Soft top maker. Anyone know him?

    This is a good price. Look at this on eBay FJ40 Soft Top | eBay Anyone familiar with him? How are the tops?
  4. Ehhpic

    Removing Rollcage FJ40 '71

    Hello all, I have use the search function. I can say I probably spent about two hours looking for this answer before finally I threw my hands up and now I appeal to you guys to maybe help me out. I'm trying to remove the roll cage so I can install the soft top frame and bows. I have removed...


    Soft tops are made using correct Toyota patronage. Our vinyl fabric has an outer layer of PVC making it 100% water proof. It is treated with: Permablok3®: which creates a resistant and effective barrier against germs, abrasion and stains; Permaguard®: offering great protection from stains...
  6. P

    fj40 with 1uz

    I would like to write a little bit about my car maybe someone find it usefull. It started in 2012 when i bought green fj40. Some data: 1981 with 2f engin pover stearing with air compresor for break instalation original winch My demand was to rebuild it as a softtop version. after 2 year i...
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