1. lucky 13

    For Sale  AA Flywheel & clutch kit for LS/gen 3 series

    For sale new never installed Advanced Adapter flywheel and clutch kit 712500M. Made to adapt an LS/3 Gen series to manual transmissions (M21/M22, SM420, SM465, NV4500). I bought it with...
  2. T

    For Sale  SM465 to 3 Speed Plate Adapter. Washington St.

    I have a new unused SM465 to 3 speed tcase adapter. Woodys style, purchase off of this board new several years ago. Asking $250 shipped us mail. Thank you
  3. Captn Conch

    How functional is GM SM465 tranny W/ 3 speed transfer?

    I'm wanting to do this. But Just how usable is this granny gear when in 4 low? I had a '72 Chev 1 ton 2wd pickup and yes it was a real stump puller granny gear. I can only imagine being in 4 low with a granny gear in the Cruiser. Hi range granny, yes, but is it even viable in 4 low granny with...
  4. Captn Conch

    Wanted  Looking for GM SM465 Transmission.

    Time to go low gear, Need a good, reasonably priced 10 spline output SM 465 from a '78 or earlier 4wd GM truck. Close, or in Florida or Colorado would be good to keep shipping down. Thanks!
  5. csd1982

    For Sale  Advanced Adapter sm465 to Fj40 4 speed t-case

    Hi, I have a unused AA kit 50-4602. I have both spud shafts, 10 to 32 or 32 to 16. The only parts I don't have is the gaskets. I did not end up using this and went another route on my build. $350 plus shipping
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