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  1. C

    Shift lever assembly question

    Hello, I am new to Mud so I apologize if this ends up in the wrong place. I have stripped the interior of my '94 80 series to carpet clean and soundproof, and as I was cleaning around the shift lever, a small piece fell out (pic 1 & 2) and I cannot figure out where it goes back into the lever...
  2. gheverly

    HJ61 Shift Lever install. HELP NEEDED

    So, I have a 1989 HJ61. Right side drive. Previous owner had welded a snapped shift lever on. It re-snapped. I got a replacement lever from Spectre Off-Road in the hopes it would be compatible. It is not (see photo). My next best thought is to cut off the new lever and weld on to the old...
  3. R

    Wanted  Cargo Sliding Windows, Wheel Speed Sensor

    I have a 1996 LX450 but think Toyota parts work for my problems. Sliding cargo windows are leaking and Lexus no longer makes replacement rubber seals so I want complete windows to swap out. My ABS light also comes on due to a bad front left speed sensor. The part number for the full kit is...
  4. S

    Wanted  FJ80 Shift Lever Assembly

    Looking for a FJ80 Shift Lever Assembly (including parts connecting to the tranny) LHD with "PRND32L", 4WD shift knob (H-N-L) and the console covering the assembly. Color not important but preferred grey. Going to use it on a A442 tranny. Must be willing to ship to the Philippines, willing to...
  5. Chiro6262

    Wanted  1974 FJ40 Floorshift Lever

    Bought an FJ40 for my son that has 3 on the tree, swapped out a tranny with floorshift but the P.O. cutoff the shift lever instead of removing it. Looking for another one. If you have one lying around please let me know how much you'd take for it. Also, could use inner fender wells for my 79 FJ40.
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