salvage title

  1. K

    SOLD  97 FJZ80 CE Alabama Salvage Title: Not mine

    VERY long, but interesting, story follows, the summary is that of a 97 FZJ80 CE model with a Salvage title. What is it worth?? Background: I drove to Alabama to check out a locked 97 CE FZJ80 on Craigslist, (VIN:JT3HJ85J4V0185939). It was stated to have a Salvage/Rebuilt title so pulled a...
  2. victor milianti

    HELP! They want to total my truck

    I have a Lexus LX450 with 200k miles. Its in pretty nice shape, considering... and a tank. OK someone tried to steal it and busted the sunroof track. I called my ins, and took it to Van Collision. They estimated over 4k to repair it and the ins co decides that its enough to total the truck. They...
  3. A

    Need salvage title advice

    Recently I was rear ended in what was deemed to be a total loss situation for my 94 80 series with 236k on the clock. The damage isn't that bad and the truck is still 100% drive able. The rear bumper cross member is caved in and the horns are a bit bent, especially the right side but I think I...
  4. kansascityFJ

    Advice Needed: Would you buy a Rebuilt Title FJ60?

    So as a newbie I could use this great forums advice! SO I found a 84 FJ60 with rebuilt motor and tranny done by Land Cruiser Specialists in Austin. It also has a very clean interior and the body was redone , painted and any rust fixed. Looks like a nice rig but after about two weeks Im finding...
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