1. Drullumall

    Rollover 1HZ startup.

    Had the unfortunate experience of gently laying my 91 HZJ73 on its side (passenger) two weeks ago. The engine only ran for a couple of seconds until i switched it off and the car was back on all four wheels within half an hour or so. Oil leaked through the crankcase ventilation down into the air...
  2. FJ40Roland

    Rolands Rebuild

    After flying to another city with my brother in law I picked up my dream car. A relatively stock (with the exception of sitting on 35’s with a SOA setup and a webber carb) 1978 FJ40 Landcruiser. After checking with the PO that it would make it through the mountains home we decided to drive the...
  3. M

    Rolled my first car..... Now what?

    I've owned my 80 series ever since I turned 16 (19 now), before that it was my dad's and has been a project that we both had a lot of fun with. Recently I was driving to work and lost control of the rig and rolled it up a bank :(. Remarkebly the car still cranks and drives fine, and the...
  4. T

    100 series roll over, is it fixable?

    Hi- Y'all have been HUGE helps in the past- and I'm hoping you can help now. I'm not posting in the body/paint forum, as there doesn't seem to be much along this line and this is 100 series specific- I did do a lot of searching first (and would be grateful if anyone here has some other...
  5. jurassic cruiser

    Best shocks for an 80 after a Dino eats your roof

    so I was in Washington in October and the u thinkable happened. I was mtn. Biking and my girlfriend drove the cruiser off a cliff and totaled it. Well I had dropped way too much money on it so I just cut the roof off with a sawzall and it still drives fine however....I had slee 4" springs and...
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