rear quarter panel

  1. J

    Anyone got a rear quarter panel driver side flare? 95-97 or lx450

  2. danceswithpizzas

    Patching a rusty rear quarter panel

    Hi all, looking for any suggestions on how to patch a fist size hole on the drivers side rear quarter panel. From searching the forum it looks like a common place for rust. The mud flaps hide the hole so I’m okay with a simple functional solution. I also don’t have or know how to weld so...
  3. J

    Parting Out  Wanted FJ60 1985 rear quarter panel passenger

    jbk said: Looking for a source for passenger rear quarter panel. Pretty much down from top of gas cover down and back. Caught a tree.
  4. orikawa

    NEW 60 Series Storage Options

    60 Series Replacement Door Panel Sets NOW IN STOCK at send a message if you have any questions ! or Instagram @orikawajdm 60 Series manual windows only, but 62 and more series coming ASAP. this is a COMPLETE solution to upgrade Audio, Worn out Door Cards, Inner...
  5. Labben

    For Sale  Kansas City. Both Left and Right rear quarter panels New never been installed.

    1970-1978 rear panels. New never installed. 1970-1978 passenger and driver side rear panels. $125 each or $200 for the pair, or obo. Delivery not included buyers choice. I changed my mind on this rebuild and now have these left over. Email me and questions. Thanks !
  6. TheTopRamen

    Wanted  Los Angeles: Looking for WitsEnd rear QP Mount for Dual ARB Compressor

    Recently installed ARB front and rear air lockers and hoped to install the Wits end rear quarter panel mount, but after checking online they are out or stock. Really the only piece I need to complete install. SOS, please help me mud.
  7. MtnMantologist

    Rear Quarter Panel Trim Piece Question

    Hi gang, I think I have an answer ready but I come to you for confirmation and advice. My new-to-me 1999 LC is missing a trim piece on the rear passenger side quarter panel (picture attached). I've found a Toyota parts schematic that shows this piece to be #75651 (right side/passenger side...
  8. workingdog

    Rear quarter panel protection

    Does anyone make a rear bumper for the FJ60 with rear quarter panel protection? Or is it always custom made?
  9. tgadd

    For Sale  FJ60 FJ62 Wolf Steel rear quarter panel repair

  10. K

    For Sale  Diamond Plate FJ40 rear quarter panel guards

    Used, pulled them off a cruiser I bought. $100+20 for shipping.
  11. bwalker16527

    Best 1974 FJ40 rear quarter panel patch?

    Who has the best rear quarter panel patch--CCOT, Real Steel Cruiser Parts or other? Any experience with these?
  12. David*BJ70

    For Sale  [CAN-QC] 7X serie rear quarter panels (BJ / HZJ / LJ - 71/73/74)

    REAR QUARTER PANEL for Landcruiser (BJ70, BJ74 + (HZJ / LJ - 71/73/74). 720$ both side for BJ70. 800$ both side for BJ74 These prices are correct as of January 4, 2024. Metal prices change regularly. I try to make sure they're up to date, but it's best to contact me by private message. Sorry in...
  13. David*BJ70

    For Sale  [CA-QC] 7X serie rear quarter panels (BJ / HZJ / LJ - 71/73/74)

    Please follow this link as it refere to the same product : For Sale - [CAN-QC] 7X serie rear quarter panels (BJ / HZJ / LJ - 71/73/74) -
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