rear bench seat

  1. johnboy60

    Search parts for FJ45 LV / FJ28

    I`m looking for parts for FJ28 / 45LV for example door handles inside and outside, rear bench seat with bracket, parking light, switch for light, windscreen wiper and heater, ignition lock, windscreen wiper linkage, elephant horn.
  2. Alf Pacino

    Keep the rear bench seat in 78 camper

    Gentlemen, I was wondering does someone have an idea how to keep rear bench in 78 during the camper conversion? The problem is that 2 front seats are not enough, cause I need a place for 3 passengers aside from me, but I also want to have an opportunity to put everything inside the car + roof...
  3. RED FJ62

    For Sale FJ 62 original rear bench seat fabric - gray-good condition

    I am re-upholstering all of my FJ 62 seats in new leather. The factory fabric is not available anymore. SOR gets a premium for it. Asking $125.
  4. 1Fine40

    Any Pix of CCOT rear bench seat mounts??

    Working on a rear seat mount for the bestop bench unit...wondering if anyone has a pic of the CCOT mount that they sell with their version of this seat?? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I hear... Cheers!
  5. cruiserhead72

    Great Back Seat!!!

    So today I went to the Pull-A-Part in Baton Rouge to check out a Suzuki Sidekick for a back seat since I've read that they fit the 40, but the seat was missing... Since I was on a mission to get a seat I scoured the lot for a potential and then I came across a 1993 Toyota Previa van. The middle...
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