1. Christian

    Weird OEM subwoofer?

    Hi all! I think I have looked in all the existing subwoofer posts. But I have not found one like mine, it’s a Pioneer? My car is a 2006 HDJ100 euro spec. The subwoofer looks a lot like yours, but it’s ported and a Pioneer unit? I’m looking at upgrading the speaker, so any info on this would be...
  2. OlyWaFJ

    FZJ80 Replacement Front Door Speaker Install

    I found some older information, a lot of broken photo links and a couple of WAY too detailed videos on how to replace the factory door speakers. I want my 80 to look good from 10 feet away not 10 inches and I don't want to spend a bunch of money or time figuring it all out. I'm not an...
  3. CBeckFJ

    1998-2002 Head Unit replacement

    Hello Mud! I just recently picked up a 1999 100 series, and I am planning on replacing the head unit with a aftermarket one from Pioneer with Android Auto, Nav, and a backup camera. Does anyone know of any specific models that would fit our cruisers? THanks!
  4. jerryb

    toyota pioneer JBL cassette pinout 86120-60601, 86120-60602, 86120-60603

    my paper hand written pages are getting trashed so I need to keep somewhere, I also hope when someone searches this is easily found. I want to do the amp and display screen outs also. I never found all this info in one place when I started looking a while ago so This should help someone that...
  5. jerryb

    For Sale  kenwood and pioneer decks, JL and RF class D amps.

    I used these all for about a month or two each, all were installed in my 2006 LC. All were bought new 2017 and late 2016. I can include 4 gauge wire, crimped if needed, etc. Amps have no boxes. The pioneer has the box and packing material. The speaker level input is not included in the RF amp...
  6. E

    Stereo head unit question: Anyone with a Pioneer DEH-80PRS?

    1996 Land Cruiser. Just did the Pioneer TSG speakers in the front and rear doors. Plan on bypassing the factory amp and getting a new h/u. Was looking at the Pioneer DEH-80PRS h/u. My question is...with the speaker configuration the way it is (pioneers in the doors and factory speakers...
  7. LX470Beast

    Successfully Moved Navigation Screen To Make Room Pioneer AVIC-8200

    I successfully able to move my navigation screen to the center console in preparation to install a double din Pioneer AVIC-8200 stereo on my 2004 LX470. I will finally be able to ditch the Livingston System. I have been running Focals 3 ways on my stock speaker locations with aftermarket old...
  8. jerryb

    pioneer avh x7800bt slide out screen into 2006 LC with NAV.

    I messed around with this all day yesterday, mostly because I had no idea on any mount depth issues. From the pictures you can see that it's about 1/2" out. I've ordered ring spacers to fill. I had a shallow mount kenwood in there before. Space is tight, the pioneer needs about 7.75 or so...
  9. 04gto

    100 series anti-rattle spring

    Hello my name is Josh, I have been a 'mud' user for a couple months. I have learned a ton of great info from this forum. I purchased a 1998 LC100 with 242k miles. People on here seem more mature, less snobby, more friendly and willing to help than any other online forum I have participated in. I...
  10. S

    Pioneer Navi 2015 Map Update

    Hi everyone - if any of you are running a Pioneer Z or X series navigation units check out the AVIC forum for an update to your maps. 2015 Avic Z120 map update - Page 6 - Hacks/Mods I did it and worked well on my X930BT head unit. For your specific unit you may have to dig around the forum; if...
  11. K

    For Sale  Pioneer Head Unit & Pioneer Speakers FJ80

    Complete Stereo upgrade for your Land Cruiser: Contains: Head-Unit, 4 Speakers, Mounting Bracket, necessary wiring. *Only wire you will need is the Metra 70-1761 wiring harness found on Amazon. Head-Unit: Pioneer FH-X529UI 2-DIN CD Receiver with USB Control for iPhone. 2 RCA ports, MOSFET 50W x...
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