1. Tylerh84

    Beach-n-Toys run pictures.

    Hey everyone! Thought i'd start a thread that could maybe be a sticky so we can post all of our trip pictures on one thread. Just post the general details about the trip and add the photos!
  2. PRADO3

    Prado 120s as work vehicles or as beaters?

    I'm interested in seeing photos of Prado 120s used for work or out in harsh conditions. I found some great pics of some UN Prado 120s. Anyone out there use their Prado 120 for work or as a beater? Feel free to post pics from Prado 120s you've seen being used for work (UN, Taxi, tour company...
  3. yotadude520

    Photobucket Hosting Fix!

    I get pretty mad when I'm viewing a thread and try to see pictures but all I see is that Photobucket 3rd party hosting error or whatever it is. So today I decided to see if there was something I could do to fix it and there is! On Google Chrome there's an app called "Photobucket Hotlink Fix"...
  4. Connorham

    T-Bars/Spacer Lift Questions/Pics

    I have a 2002 LC with 211,XXX miles. All stock except for 285/75 BFG KO2. Been a great tire. I am needing a new suspension. I drive 95% On Road as it is my DD. I also really like the stance of a modestly lifted 100. I am looking to replace my shocks with OEM from Toyota, put a spacer in the...
  5. aaronrules

    Pics for desktop background?

    Hey all! I have been searching for really wide pictures taken by anyone on this board, but mostly 100 series. Does anybody have a really wide picture that can be used on a dual monitor set up? Somewhere around the 3300x1080ish.
  6. uzj100

    Expo West Request - 100 Series Pictures

    Please post up photos from the Expo West here. I am especially interested in all the 100 series gear. Other vehicles welcome, just wanting to see the newest latest offerings for the 100. It seems to have taken a back seat to the 4Runner and 200 but I know there is great new stuff available...
  7. Lc80series

    RTT mounted to GX470. Opinions? Pictures please

    Been researching for a while. Hard shell and soft cover tents both have pros and cons... Hard shell pros - ease of setup/take down, more aerodynamic on my DD, durable, and look great. Cons - steep price, smaller interior, and it will basically take up my entire roof rack. Soft shell pros - less...
  8. coldtaco

    pickup/ute top pictures

    wondering if anyone has any pictures of the underside/parts of the roof on the pickup/ute? hard to tell from the parts pictures how it all goes together and what is bolted on and welded on. Thanks.
  9. CriderFj40

    I need the community.Please help me Desmog (Pictures!!)

    I was driving home the other day and heard screeching and noticed smoke... I fried a belt because i believe my Smog pump is sized. I confirmed this by getting new belts and fired it up and heard the noise again and watched as the smog pump pulley did not spin but the belt was. From lots of...
  10. ColoradoCarlisle

    bellhouse removal with pictures

    so i have a 77fj40 and im swapping in a 2f from a 87 they have different bellhouses so i need to use the one from my 77 i did many searches and found this was a common question lots of replies but noting with pictures so thought i would help out others as i go here you go maybe a bit...
  11. Lou the fj60

    In need of a Photographer?

    hey guys! I've been on mud for a little while now and I've been helped alot so I want to offer up my talents to help everyone else! I'm a freelance photographer currently in Washington. I photograph weddings, seniors, newborns, and Cruisers if needed! if you need photographic services you can...
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