1. D

    For Sale 1991 Nissan Safari/Patrol TD42 - Ontario, Canada

    For sale is my high roof, 4x4 Safari/Patrol with 3rd row seating. Comes with ARB bull bar, 10,000 lb electric winch and 2" OME lift. Runs well, some rust starting. Has been great to me over the last 12 years since I had it imported but don't use it enough any more and no time to keep it up...
  2. D

    ISO Nissan Diesel Engine 4.2L

    Hi everyone. New to this online forum stuff. Not too long ago i picked up a 91 Nissan Safari(or GQ Patrol). The engine is a TD42 4.2L n/a diesel. The Safari is a Y60. The engine has a bad knock as im intending to rebiuld it unless i find a replacement engine. If anyone has any info or knows...
  3. fj40alex

    The Faux 40

    You know the drill - late at night, your spouse is asleep, and you are searching the depths of Craigslist. A single fuzzy jpeg of a 51 year old catches your eye. Next thing you know, you are loading a 1966 Nissan Patrol on your motorcycle trailer and bringing it home. After 6 months of it...
  4. sea bass

    nissan patrol

    I saw this nice looking Patrol for sale I thought I'd share it I think he was asking 24000$
  5. Desert Nomad

    Nissan Adventures in my 2016 Y61 patrol

    This is my 2016 Y61 patrol, 4.8L I6, Beige Ext./Grey cloth Interior, 5 spd manual, manual front/rear ac, diff lock, sunroof & cool box. I got it as a replacement for my 5 year old 200 series thats clocked over 200k kms. I'll be documenting my journey with it here.
  6. D

    For Sale 1978 Nissan Patrol LG60

    This is one of the most unique 4 x 4´s in the USA. Very rare, and proven tough, the Patrol was Nissan´s entry in the early battle for 4 x 4 supremacy over 50 years ago. The 60 series Patrol (1959 – 1980) earned its reputation as one of the world´s toughest 4 x 4´s by conquering the harshest...
  7. fj40alex

    Got a used FJ40 spare tire carrier...and the 1966 Nissan Patrol that it came on

    Picked up this Craigslist special today. Pretty complete truck, but has not been started in over a decade. PO was midway through the install of a generic wiring harness (first to go). Fuel tank likely shot, but otherwise it should fire up with some TLC. Clutch and brake cylinders are both...
  8. T

    patrol axles gq/y60 and gu/y61wide

    looking for some info about patrol axles on the patrol gq/y60 and gu/y61 wide i am looking for the measurement from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface on these axles, have been looking through google and this forum, but cant find and thing, where people are 100% sure on the...
  9. Dedtruk

    craigslist '67 Nissan Patrol in PA, USA

    No affiliation, just think it's cool. Enjoy. 1967 nissan patrol classic barnfine
  10. mudandrock

    For Sale 1991 Nissan Safari/Patrol

    I have a 1991 Nissan safari 4.2 diesel. It's a "shorty" model, solid front axel, coil sprung suspension DIESEL Nissan Patrol
  11. G

    Nissan Patrol

    4.8 I6 280hp solid front and rear axle rear diff lock 5 speed auto or 5 speed manual
  12. SNLC

    "Ghetto Patrol" 1968 Nissan Patrol restoration

    I think I will start a new thread on this truck, kind of been cluttering up my other Patrol thread with things not really related to that build. So a few weeks ago I came across this 1968 Patrol on Craigslist. It had just been listed that day so was a fresh listing when I saw it. I noticed in...
  13. SNLC

    1977 Nissan Patrol "Ute" resto-mod

    I am getting ready to start a new build and thought some of you guys would like to see this. You don't see many old G60 Patrols built up and even less Utes! My shop is small with only room for one truck. A 1964 Patrol restoration has been taking up the shop space but it is now out and in a...
  14. G

    Nissan Patrol Y61 Assembly line

  15. swilson

    1967 Nissan Patrol

    Ok, so its not a Toyota, but I knew you guys would appreciate such a clean rare old FJ40ish vehicle
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