oil light

  1. R

    FJ62 A.T. Oil Light coming on?

    Hello, Yesterday I was coming back from Big Sur and at about 1:30hr into the drive the A.T. Oil light came on near the shifter. The drive isn't super strenuous just a couple of long hills on the highway. I noticed the shifter and console were rather hot to the touch. Any thoughts? Could it...
  2. athensrep

    3.4 Oil Light Flickering in gear at idle

    Help me out guys. My wife’s 2002 Tacoma with a 3.4 has the oil light barely flickering after about 30 minutes of highway driving. This just started after its first oil change by me (or at least noticed by me as I just started commuting with it) - a JDM engine was put in about a year ago. 5w-30...
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