1. Kechinbo

    FJ80 / 3FE OD Sensor

    Can I get an FJ80 / 3FE owner to tell me what color their 2 wires are going down to the OD sensor on the driver's side of the tranny, and then maybe tell me what color they mate to at the plug where it enters the wiring harness? When I pulled my motor, that little 2-wire plug on the back left...
  2. McDowra

    Gauges, AC, and trans OD cuts out at same time any ideas?

    Just as the title says on our way home from my Grandsons birthday party the gauges, AC fan and Transmission kicked out of overdrive. The Cruiser ran fine just the dru=ivers side of the dash seem to loose power. The headlights, blinkers, and radio still worked fine. It did this 3 times on the way...
  3. geoffnlp

    Scepter OD Green fuel cans in Central Florida?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone in Central Florida has any OD Green Scepter fuel cans that I can take a look at or if anyone can send a pic. I purchased two that are supposed to be OD Green but look like they are the drab green ones, almost brown looking. I work in Longwood, I appreciate any...
  4. J

    For Sale *SOLD* Fairey OD *SOLD*

    For sale Fairey overdrive out of my 1977 FJ40. Two pieces are damaged (see picture) but overdrive worked fine prior to being removed from vehicle.
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