1. TeamJB

    For Sale NOS D40 Aisan carb

    Hello I have NOS d40 aisan carbs for early F series ... Each 375$ or OBO
  2. EgyptOffroad

    The parts you find... 45LV / Early 40

    Nice to know there still some NOS parts hiding around the world... Mostly all sold, except a couple of light switches... For Sale - Light & Wiper Switch
  3. EgyptOffroad

    For Sale 1964-1974 FJ40 NOS Window Regulators (Ebay listings)

    Driver's (LHD) sidesteel doors NOS window regulators. Price 70 $ a piece, open for offers for batches of 5 or more. Shipping costs will depend on your location. I am located in Cairo, Egypt. I use paypal. Minor shelf wear visible on the regulators, but still retaining factory grease...
  4. EgyptOffroad

    For Sale NOS 40 Series Fog Lamps in original box Part # 81210 60010

    Hello, I have a few sets of NOS 40 Series Fog Lamps. Old stock forgotten for 40+ years. Fogs include bulbs. Price 160 $ for the pair of Fog Lamps including bulbs. I am located in Cairo, Egypt. Shipping costs will depend on buyers location.
  5. mattressking

    NOS 60-series Vacuum Modulator on eBay

    Interesting find on eBay. Price is high, but pretty cool nonetheless. 25870-61011 - Valve Assy - for Toyota No...I'm not Amanda
  6. WaterbedKev

    For Sale NOS A442F Transmission!

    I have an OEM/NOS Toyota Transmission that was fitted to 1993-1996 80 series trucks. Therefore, it mates to the 1FZ-FE engine. They have been in heated storage for roughly 20 years! This trans is BRAND NEW and has never been installed! post if you have any questions or want more pictures...
  7. MMTB

    Wanted FJ55 Tail light Seals - NOS or New Repros

    Please contact me if you have a pair of NOS (or very good reproduction) rubber seals for the early 70's style FJ55 tail lights. Slocruisers are out of stock :( Thanks
  8. lelandEOD

    Rusty NOS piston rings?

    So I ordered a set of NOS piston rings from a vendor and what I got definitely puts the "OS" in NOS. It looks like these got damp in storage at some point and all six have varying degrees of rust on the compression and oil scraper rings. At first, I was livid - why on earth would a well...
  9. PbnFJ

    SOLD 80 series Land Cruiser, pair of new hood vents

    SOLD Planned to install these 94 - 96 GTP hood vents on my 80 series to help with under hood heat but no longer need them. They are new, unpainted and were never installed on a vehicle. SOLD
  10. Dedtruk

    For Sale NOS Con-Ferr FJ40 bumper in southern NJ, USA

    Never mounted, NOS Con-Ferr 40 bumper. It's about 54 inches wide, 4 11/16 inches tall, mounting and license plate holes pre-drilled, just your basic bumper it but exudes sooo much '80's cool I really hate to let it go ... I goofed and didn't take overall pics but its very similar to a stock 40...
  11. FJ404345

    FJ43 NOS Soft Top

    Just got this offered. It's an original FJ43 Soft Top without bows, came new with the truck but was never installed, instead a hardtop was installed. Don't have the need for it, but is this the real deal?
  12. E

    Wanted NOS Alternator 27020-61071

    Wanted: New Old Stock 55A Toyota Alternator 27020-61071 or 27020-61071-84 1984-1987 2F Land Cruiser Looking for new in box from an uncompleted build or a wise hoarder. Please send pictures. Thanks Ernie
  13. joekatana

    For Sale NEW IN BOX NOS 2F shortblock

    SOLD During one of my parts hunting trips in Europe I found this brand new 2F shortblock pn 11401-69056.This part has been discontinued from Toyota for a long time now and was the oem replacement for 84-87 FJ60 2F's.I found this at a Cruiser specialist in Europe that had already installed new...
  14. cruisermatt

    For Sale FJ60/62 Mudflap Discontinued NOS 76603-69015

    I have one brand new front/right mudflap 76603-69015. Perfect for a restoration. Includes hardware, even the plastic inserts for the screws. All mudflaps are disconnected. $150 + the ride from FL
  15. 65swb45

    For Sale NOS Fuel filler strainer, CA

    $100 plus the ride from Burbank. Would prefer to sell in a package with other parts, so preference will be to the buyer with the largest order by COB today. No PMs please
  16. D

    For Sale FJ40 NOS weatherstripping 56211-90801

    For sale are a few NOS genuine Toyota weatherstrippings cowl to windshield frame "spacer part # 56211-90801". These parts come with a kind of permanent elastic adhesive which is protected by the visible white stripes, which tend to loose their position over the years of storage - this is just an...
  17. 65swb45

    For Sale NOS Wiper switch knob, CA

    Cleaning up the office and found this jewel. Not much else to say. You can run the numbers to check production, but my sense is that it fits 67-72) Price? Any fair offer with a qualifying order. No PMs please. Mark
  18. D

    For Sale Weatherstripping NOS

    For sale are a few top of windshield frame weatherstrippings, genuine Toyota, part# 63161-60010. For early 40s. Including worldwide shipping it's 72 USD. Please PM me if you are interested.
  19. 65swb45

    For Sale NOS Rear wheel cylinders, CA

    Fit 63-70 FJ40. $200 shipped. No PMs please.
  20. Kief

    NOS window rubber getting sticky...

    So I purchased some window rubber years ago and it's still in the original packaging. I checked on it and most of it is still powdery but one piece is sticky, it may be 1960's or 70's stock but I suppose it's just on its way out, any ideas on proper treatment?
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