1. Goforth

    Blue Starlite Drive in theatre

    First time here and I have to say I like it. Cruisers can park with tailgate facing the screen for an unimpeded view. Girl and I setup small chairs in back. Would make a great cruiser meetup where date night doesn't get the shaft!
  2. JToobe

    UC Gathering May 30th at Piney Mountain Bike Lounge

    Over the summer will try to increase the number of social gatherings. Chip Batson @dukmon , owns a couple of Land Cruisers which I have seen at Trollhole's a few times (I believe his Grey FJ60 is there now) and he and his wife Jackie opened up this place back in March I believe. It is located...
  3. T

    Night Vision + Front Windshield Tint = ???

    I'm looking to purchase an LX470 with the night vision feature. I don't have any use for the night vision feature, but one thing that's concerning for me is that the windshield has a small square on it, where the night vision displays at. Is that small square a film that can be removed or is it...
  4. E

    Started my truck last night and it was running kind of rough.

    Not sure what was going on. I started it and it was running rough enough to feel vibrations at each stop light. I could see the RPMs bouncing a little bit when stopped. I started and drove it 2 more times after that yesterday and it was perfectly fine after that. Any ideas?

    LX Night Vision Value

    I have the night vision system on my 03 LX470. I've been trying to decide what to do about the IR Lights in the bumper when I finally upgrade to a steel one. Since I'm not in love with the system I considered removing everything (except the windshield) and selling it. That would also free up...
  6. bubfuji

    For Sale  FJ62 Hella H4 and H1 Head lights

    Hello, I have 2 H4 and 2 H1 Hella head light assemblies from my Fj62 for sale. Asking $100.00 OBO for the set plus shipping 2 H4 driving lights 2 H1 highbeam lights 4 lights total There are light bulbs in the lights as well.
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