1. BMOinspired

    For Sale  200 Series Land Cruiser OEM Mats for Sale

    I am looking to sell my 2009 Land Cruiser Floor Mats. Full set. In very good shape. Please message me with an offer. Pictures upon request.
  2. ryanrtxtx

    For Sale  Dallas: LX470 Front Mats

    Like new OEM LX470 Ivory floor mats. No tears or stains. In great condition. Prefer pickup, but will ship. Buyer pays shipping. $50
  3. westy

    SOLD  60 Series carpet set in PA

    Cleaning out the garage and have a 60 series carpet set made by Llyods. Carpet is a lighter gray, thicker pile. Could use a clean up but really not that dirty. $25. Includes front mats, second row mat and cargo area mat.
  4. 04gto

    craigslist  100 series. All weather floor mats.

    I saw these very nice all weather floor mats on Craigslist, thought somebody on here might want them. If they were tan or brown I would buy them myself. Lexus LX 470 original rubber floor mats
  5. BRob2756

    Wanted  Mats and rack for an 80

    Looking for mats (weather tech, husky, or knock off) for my 80. Don't have to be perfect but would like front, rear, and cargo. Prefer tan but can look at any. Looking for a Prinsu or similar rack for my 80. Well loved is ok, just need all parts. Thanks!
  6. Aids10

    For Sale  40th. Anniversary 80-Series OEM Floor Mats

    Oak Colour Being 20-years old, you'll likely never find a better example. Pure Unobtainium! $450 + ship :cheers:
  7. ToyotaMatt

    FOR sale 4Runner Floor mats set

    hi , 4 piece charcoal black 4runner fabric carpet type oem Toyota floor mats very minor blem / wear spot at heal gas pedal spot as normal otherwise great condition NON smoker please PM me for further details thanks price $ 50
  8. BRob2756

    For Sale  06 100 series mats and tow hitch - Atlanta, GA

    Got out of my 06 and into a 2013 LC. Awesome truck I have a full set (front, mid, and rear cargo) of Grey Weathertech mats for a 100 series. Bought in Dec of 2016, used for 4 months. $275 Also have a tow hitch for a 100 series (the full hitch that bolts to frame and encompasses spare). Bought...
  9. bluehawk

    Weathertech Floor Mats ????

    Has anyone found a good year and model weathertech floor mat to fit in a 60?
  10. landcrusher80

    SOLD  OEM Floor Mats for HDJ81

    Three Piece Carpeted Floor Mat Set 90-97 RHD HDJ81 in great condition. Color Gray 1 DS 1 PS 1 RS Asking $80 plus shipping.
  11. MadMeak

    Who's got some info on quality replacement floor mats for a 62?

    I'm in the market for some all weather floor mats for my 62. What do you recommend?
  12. Otter

    Exped Mega Mats on sale at REI - $163

    Exped MegaMat (if this takes you to another page that says just like, Click the link at the bottom of the page that says 'skip these deals and go to' That will take you to the product page) I have one and just bought another one for the wife. Can't speak highly enough about...
  13. Fireguy615

    Wanted  Looking for Gray floor mats for 100 series

    Like the title says, I am looking for front gray floor mats for my 1998 LC. Factory Toyotas preferred but will entertain aftermarket stuff like WeatherTech, etc. Must be in good shape, as mine are getting a little long in the tooth. Thanks.
  14. O

    Wanted  Collectors Edition floor mats

    Need a set of the Collectors Edition Land Cruiser floor mats. PM if you have a set or know somebody that would sale a set. Thanks.
  15. clownmidget

    For Sale  SOLD

  16. Spanktron9

    For Sale  OEM 100 Series rear cargo/3rd row carpet mat (grey)

    Carpet mat is in good to excellent condition. $20 plus shipping. I will include the front grey mats for another $20.

    For Sale  '15+ T4R weather tech mat set

    Used 2015+ 4Runner weather tech digital mat set (complete including rear cargo) need a quick bath but in good shape. $200 obo Located in southern VT Will ship a buyers expense.
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Rear Cargo Carpet and Hump Pieces Dark Brown

    SOLD SoCal Very good condition. Factory Original. The cargo floor carpet was just professionally cleaned and came out looking like new. The humps may need some cleaning with a brush and carpet shampoo, but look pretty good. Rear carpet floor and humps are $50. Shipping on the carpet floor...
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