1. K

    Old Car Stereo Magazine Article on 1993 LandCruiser

    I thought that you 80 series guys might enjoy seeing an Old Car Stereo Magazine Article on 1993 LandCruiser. (needless to say this isn't my LandCruiser but, I do own a 100 series)
  2. JToobe

    TOWN Magazine Photo Shoot at Trollhole's

    I know how many of you guys have a subscription to TOWN magazine and want to give you a preview of what will be forthcoming in one of their next editions! Today they held a photo shoot at Trollhole's and here are a few pics of Marshall working the camera! You would not believe how amazingly...
  3. 90 Weight

    For Sale  '78 FJ40 - As Featured in Toyota 4WD Magazine

    Well guys - it pains me to write this, but after many years of deliberation and putting the decision off, I'm selling Clifford. He's been sitting at my moms place in Portland Oregon for the last 5 years while I've been traveling and living in different places (now in San Francisco). My mother...
  4. 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine

    Project Ugly Duckling: 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine's 1970 FJ40 build/3B swap

    Hello all, Like to introduce you to Project Ugly Duckling. She's an August 1969 originally factory soft top FJ40 that we picked up for $1800 in Portland, Oregon. Thanks to Mark Hawley at Metal Tech who let the PO drop and store it until we got down there. Literally, the PO did just about...
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