1. Krondor

    Epoxy Molding

    Hey guys, I wanted to post here before moving into the larger 40 area. I am currently starting to reproduce early Fj25 and 40 light knobs, wiper knobs, and pull interior light knobs. These plastic parts can become brittle overtime. I would like to preserve them and produce nice reproductions...
  2. mudterrain75

    For Sale Switches and ashtray of 1978 40 series

    No longer need these parts, I decide to sell it. Grey ashtray, wiper switch, light switch in good condition. Ask for $250 all or $150 for the $50 ea for the switches. Shipping at your dime
  3. fj40taz

    For Sale Advance adapters shifter knobs

    Brand new for twin stick setup. Right from advance adapters. $40 shipped to your door. US only.

    Wanted FJ25 Dash Switches \ Knobs

    Anyone looking to sell any extra to complete a restoration. Looking for the wiper, light, winker, choke, throttle knobs switches and cables. And for the Unicorn Sheppards- Dome light, working turn switch, rear licence plate light , trailer hitch assembly, etc. Please and thank you!
  5. RLMS

    Red Line 80 Series Billet T-Case knobs

    I made 10 of these billet knobs for the 80 series T-Case. I have 3 left. Billet aluminum, anodized then laser etched the factory shift logo on the top! 49.99$ We went with a new shape for the knob just for fun! PM me if you have any interest! Justin
  6. Judh8smud

    Custom FJ Shift Knob Concepts - Would Anyone Be Interested In Classy Knobs?

    Hey Y'all! So I have an idea that I feel is a pretty good one but I need to know if anyone is even interested... I am thinking about offering high-end handcrafted, wooden shifter knobs for your FJ Cruiser. They will not be comparable to your average knob. The idea is to create a shifter knob...
  7. Staplesou

    Radio knobs

    Has anyone had any luck finding radio knobs? I know that the subject has come up a few times over the years but I am striking out. I am missing one knob on my 77. I've searched junk yards in my area for older toyotas, but it seems that after fm came out, everyone yanked the am radio and threw in...
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