1. HighMileageCruiser

    SOLD  San Diego, Kaymar 100 Series Land Cruiser Bumper with tire and fuel can carriers

    I'm selling my 4 month old Kaymar rear bumper that I purchased for my 2000 100 Series Land Cruiser. It has the tire carrier, dual fuel/water can carrier and the extending flood light that is attached to the tire swing (tire and fuel/water cans not included). The light and license plate...
  2. A

    Aussie Made 80

    Hi ih8mud community, I'm looking for inspiration, ideas, and discussion around my current project. These days it is more important than ever to support your local manufacturing and businesses. * I encourage everyone to support their own countries' manufacturing, not just my own. I’m on a...
  3. LC200ER

    LC200ER(extended range) Build

    After long but thrilling incremental upgrades, my rig has finally got the cloth and shoes and is ready to tackle the Yukon Highway. What do you think? Pictures Instagram Account Big appreciation to Ward from LongRangeAmerica; Georg from Cruiser Brothers, Stockton, CA; David from Trekboxx...
  4. Yotajeff

    For Sale  SOLD Los Angeles 80 Series Kaymar Rear Swing Out Tire Carrier

    Purchased an 80 Series Kaymar Rear Tire Swing Out Carrier in hopes of Sticking it on a new project truck but sale fell through so I unfortunately will not need it anymore. This carrier integrates with the Factory Rear Bumper (Passenger side) and is a direct bolt on assembly (NO WELDING), come...

    SOLD  [ME/US] KAYMAR Swing Out Tire Carrier for FJ60

    I have a Kaymar Tire Carrier for a swing out bumper on a 60 series. This is the carrier arm only I do not have the bumper! This carrier appears to be for the drivers side. It had some rust and the factory coating was peeling in places, so I hit it with the wire wheel and coated it with rust...

    Wanted  FJ60 Kaymar rear Bumper or Similar

    Hi guys, I am looking for a tire & gas carrier rear bumper Kaymar or Dobinsons for my FJ60. I am locate it in Miami but I could drive, use Fastenal or UPS if need it. Thanks

    Wanted  KAYMAR rear bumper FJ60

    Hi Everyone. I am looking for a Kaymar or similar rear bumper with tire carrier and gas too Thanks

    Wanted  Kaymar Tire carrier rear bumper

    HI Everyone. This time I am in looking for a Rear Tire Carrier. Kaymar will be the best option for me but anything will be well receive. Thanks
  9. yjeff

    SOLD OUT: Kaymar Swingout Bumpers for Tacoma & FJ Cruiser + accessories

    Hey CSC, ALL SOLD OUT, except a few Hi-Lift mounts, accessories, and random parts
  10. ewillis

    Wanted  Slee IPOR Labs Kaymar Sean Etc. Rear Bumper

    Long shot here...looking for a 80 series rear bumper with tire carrier. Hit me up if you have one you're considering letting go. Will travel for the right deal.
  11. tucker74

    For Sale  FJ40 Kaymar Hi-Lift mount

    This is a brand new DS Kaymar Hi-Lift mount, bolts to the lower ws hinge and mounts the jack upright allowing the door to open. $50 + ride (I've got twice that in this with shipping from AUS) Tucker
  12. OffGridOverland

    For Sale  Kaymar rear bumper

    You do not have to cut your frame with this rear bumper. Has a trailer hitch built in to factory spec. Both swings work flawless. It's used so its faded a bit, and has some trail wear. Nothing of any big deal. These are hard to find now days. $1350 takes it. It's ready for pick up today. Can...

    Kaymar and OzBar Bumper Feeler

    Since I won't be building standard offering bumpers anymore, I've decided to possibly become a Kaymar/OzBar seller. I've always liked their construction and look, not to mention their impeccable customer service and communications. Still negotiating pricing and logistics, but this may happen as...
  14. Del Solid

    For Sale  Kaymar Rear Tire Carrier for 80-Series OEM Bumper (SoCal)

  15. OffGridOverland

    F.S. Kaymar rear bumper (Dual Swings)

    Reposting as I'm back home and it's in my way. So it's being sold or getting re-installed next weekend. You do not have to cut your frame with this rear bumper. Has a trailer hitch built in to stronger then factory spec. Both swings work flawless. It's used so its faded a bit, and has some...
  16. Fantom

    40 series rear bumper mounting, Kaymar bumper and others?

    The search hasn't come up with anything useful. Does anyone have pictures of how the Kaymar rear bumper attaches to the back of a 40? Do they remove the rear cross member or just bolt to it? Are there any rear bumpers for the 40 that remove the rear cross member or are all of them bolted to the...
  17. acc1

    Wanted  Kaymar rear bumper

    Looking for a Kaymar rear bumper with swingout. I'm located in KY, willing to drive depending on circumstances. I have a very nice condition Warn 8274 I'm willing to trade toward this item. Thanks
  18. Aliveiride

    Kaymar swingout toolbox mount

    After getting rear-ended a few years ago I opted to take the cash instead of getting my LX stock bumper replaced and bought a Kaymar dual pivot rear bumper. At the time I could only afford one swingout so I opted for the driver side tire carrier and had planned on saving up for the passenger...
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