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  1. U

    What kind of rear bumper/tire carrier do I have?

    I have a 1994 80 series with what I was told is a Slee Offroad bumper. I was wondering if that is true (I don't see any like this on their site; maybe it's a legacy one)? If it is a Slee bumper, what kind of options for a jerry can holder do I have? ....and yes, I do need a jerry can rack. The...
  2. unwiredadventures

    For Sale  Wedco (NATO) Jerry Gas & Water Cans (SoCal)

    Local pick up in Pasadena, California (or + shipping + material) For Sale: 4x New! red gas cans (in storage for over 12 years). $36 each 1x Blue water can (used). $11 each 4x Army surplus water cans(two used once). $11 each email me privately: 626-319-2628 Text only
  3. R

    Wanted  Blitz Can Holder for Con-Ferr Wheel Mount

    Looking for a Blitz Can Holder that fits onto a Con-Ferr wheel mounted can bracket holder (red arrow points to the part I am loo looking for
  4. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier

    Sold! MN - FJ40/45 HJ45/47 OEM Rear Tube Fuel Tank/Jerry Can Carrier Note: Jerry can holder has never been installed, but has been modified to attach on the right side @Racer65 OEM Jerry Can Holder he offers bolts directly on to this carrier. Very rare OEM item. $250 plus actual shipping...
  5. GhostriderMW

    Jerry / Water can holder for safari rack

    Hey all- Can someone please recommend a good, high-quality holder for jerry and water cans which can be mounted to a safari rack? I have a 1990 FJ62 Land Cruiser, but without a can storage on my custom bumper, unfortunately. Here's one I found, I'm just not sure it's any good, or if it will...
  6. mrjordann

    How do you mount your gas can?

    I have a 73 FJ40 and I want to mount a jerry can on the back of my truck. I can't use the spare tire rack, because I'm planning on getting a spare. And I don't want to damage the body to mount a jerrycan holder. What did you guys to do mount yours (if you have one)? And even if you don't, what...
  7. yjeff

    SOLD OUT: Kaymar Swingout Bumpers for Tacoma & FJ Cruiser + accessories

    Hey CSC, ALL SOLD OUT, except a few Hi-Lift mounts, accessories, and random parts
  8. EasternYeti

    4Plus 3 Jerry Can Basket NLA?

    Just looking over the site and it seems very different. No longer see the smaller products they used to carry. Particularly the 3 can Jerry rear swingout basket. They used to offer it in kits or the entire basket. Granted it was pretty step, it had everything including the mounts for a high...
  9. B

    For Sale  BajaRack MegaMule, fuel can holders, Hella Rallye 1000 Black Magic Lights

    SOLD For sale is a Bajarack MegaMule rack with optional light tabs. It’s in great condition and this rack was installed in August 2015. The Yakima bars are not included. I also have two of the fuel can holders (I have keyed locks for them which I will include, if interested) and 4 Hella Rallye...
  10. Markuson

    JerryCan Frustration-GRRRR!

    Aaaaaa!!!! So here in Kalifornistan, it seems that all the best jerry cans are illegal to buy, import, use, etc. **And yes, I have hunted on the forum and the internet... It's a mess trying to figure out, and all the best ones you'd want to buy via Amazon, etc. have a little note saying...
  11. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  70-series Jerry Can Holder - Sold

    I have a brand new Factory Toyota Jerry Can Holder. I think it came as option in some 60-series (with barn doors) and 70-series, and I know of people that have retrofit it to fit a 40-series, though I don't know if it ever was a factory option or not for the 40-series. I have the 3 pieces shown...
  12. M

    Jerry Can to Hose Thread adapter (JC2HT) for Scepter / LCI

    A couple of other products have some on the scene combined with life changes have made it where they are not available at a competitive price, but are available at higher quality/price and IMHO the best solution. I haven't received any negative feedback on the final design, but didn't get a ton...

    Kaymar and OzBar Bumper Feeler

    Since I won't be building standard offering bumpers anymore, I've decided to possibly become a Kaymar/OzBar seller. I've always liked their construction and look, not to mention their impeccable customer service and communications. Still negotiating pricing and logistics, but this may happen as...
  14. Markuson

    SLEE 200 Bumper Photos...! *UPDATE!*

    EDIT: NOTE...this post was from quite some time back, and the Slee design underwent significant updates since the first "spy photos." Read this thread as an "unfolding design" ...and look toward PAGE 13 of this thread to see the bumper's FINAL FORM. ;) -Markuson ------------ Original Post...
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