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  1. DOC66

    For Sale  100 series - All OEM Seats and Door Cards from 2000

    Replaced all the seats and door cards in our 2000 Crusher. LF , RF , 60/40 Split Center, 50/50 3rd row fold away Jump seats. Tan - Leather - 8 person seating Heated front seats... Normal wear on the Front seat Bottoms. No Foam Damage - Front seat bottom leather has started to crack. All other...
  2. M

    For Sale  UZJ100 3rd row seats - Arkansas

    Little used 3rd row seats from my 2000 UZJ100. These have been wrapped and stored for years. Pick up in western Arkansas, or Buyer pays shipping from zip 72801. Approximate dimensions are: 27" x 23" x 9.5" and weight is ~45# each on my bathroom scales. $100 OBO.
  3. samtoddlee


    TOW PACKAGE FOR FJ62: Don't need the tow bar as I got a Kaymar with an integrated hitch. $40 for the tow package not pictured. I'm in N Peoria in the NW corner of Phoenix. Local Pickup on this it's an odd size to ship.
  4. Gnarwgn

    Interior Part# ID help...

    Hey Team - I can't seem to ID the part numbers for the following, despite staring at schematics AND having the local Toyota parts counter guy try to figure it this point I suppose its possible that they don't exist, but I suspect something exists to cover these bolt heads? 1. 2nd row...
  5. 7nJrX

    Wanted  Choke Knob 84 FJ60

    I'm looking for a stock choke knob for my 84 FJ60 ("choke" written out on the knob). Any info about potential sources would also be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Laurren Kanner

    eBay  Fj80 overhead OEM interior grab bars

    I've got a full set of interior grab bars in decent condition out of my 94 FJ80. Tan color, complete set of 8 bars. Currently up on eBay here. $70 discounted price for ih8mud members.
  7. Stahler61

    Wanted  DOOR PANELS for Silver/Grey 87 FJ60

    I came into a very sweet deal on an 87 FJ60 with a need for some body love and interior work. Finding the door panels for this hog is definitely a challenge. If you've got 'em, I want 'em!
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Hard to Find Parts

    SoCal: I am cleaning out the goodie box! Items will be crossed out or removed from this when sold NEW: CDL Button for 95-97 (Flat) $34.72 SOLD NEW: Dash Top for 95-97 Tan Center Differential Button 91-94 $34.72 including shipping. (curved) SOLD Toyota Security Button - all years 91-97 $33.72...
  9. ATXFJ80

    For Sale  91-94 Dash Pad Grey

    91-94 Grey Dash pad and supporting structure(everything shown in pics). $250 plus shipping, local pick up preferred. Also have one in brown in the same condition. No cracks Includes vent Vent is not floppy Arch 512-800-8869
  10. S

    Wanted  WTB: 100 series interior parts

    Looking for, gray-colored interior parts to match my '04: - Roof mount DVD player (OEM preferably, but AM considered) - rear passenger side First-Aid kit plastic cover - rear driver side cover See photos for detail.
  11. be18see1

    Wanted  Interior Parts for 1994 FZJ80

    Hi all, Trying to finally get all the missing pieces of my cruiser together and am looking the following parts for my 1994 FZJ80 with brown interior. Thanks in advance!!! 1) fabric passenger cushion trim cover (in better shape than my current one) with cig burns all over: 2) passenger-side...
  12. cclemow

    For Sale  80 oak interior, sun visors, refinished wheels and more

    Just looking to clear out some parts from the garage after a near complete restoration of a 97 Collectors Edition. Oak leather interior : Came out of a DD. Was serving me well in my 97 Collectors Edition. Lucky enough to find a LX450 interior that was mint so upgraded. Seat motors and...
  13. C

    Parting Out  1997 LX450 Black

    Have a 1997 LX450 that looks like its been in accident and repaired poorly on drivers side between 1st and 2nd pillars. Rust near on shell near roof line and floor board. Interior is in excellent shape. Door panels, belts, handles console, dash, etc. AC and Heating all good. Fendor flares...
  14. RojoFJ62

    Wanted  Several FJ62 (grey interior) Parts

    -Grey Master Window Switch -Grey Passenger Window Switch -Grey Glovebox door (do not need lock and looking for one that is not dented or scratched) -Chrome Rocker Strips (Right and Left) -Overdrive emblem for automatic shifter cover -Front Right and Front Left grey door cards -All 4 window...
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