heavy duty

  1. ScottyeB

    For Sale  OME Heavy Duty shocks $425 for 4 free shipping (springs sold)

    I've got front & rear OME nitro charger heavy duty shocks & 2864 heavy duty coil springs for 100 series Land Cruiser & LX470. They have approx 1500 miles on them. $575 for all. Comes with all hardware. Turns out my LX470 didn't need the heavy duty setup. I am willing to ship if buyer pays...
  2. T


  3. Serenity1983

    SOLD  Dallas/Fort Worth - TEXAS : Custom Roof Rack w/ Lights $1000 OR BEST OFFER

    I'm selling my CUSTOM Safari, Heavy Duty, Steel Roof Rack with light. It's spray painted with Bedliner for protection and includes 4 Off Road light and 4 Gutter Clamps. Lots of attachment points for gear. Local pickup only. I'll drive it to you if you live close enough. It does NOT include gear...
  4. M

    For Sale  OME Lift (heavy load)

    Recently purchased a 1996 Lexus LX450. I have the wrong lift and am looking to either sale it or trade it for the J OME Lift as the one here is for heavy duty. The cruiser I have is stock and does not have any armor currently. Attached are pictures of the part numbers. I can take more pictures...
  5. S

    New heavy duty springs for UK truck

    Hi all. Been wanting to change out the original shocks and springs on my 95 petrol since I got it but wanted to make sure she was A1 mechanically first. Now she is all as I want her I need to get something done. Think I am going to stick with the factory Toyota shocks unless anyone can advise...
  6. landcruiser3DP

    heavy duty ladder rack on 3rd gen 4runner

    having a hard time checking all the boxes on needs for a new vehicle. can i get a heavy duty ladder rack for hauling stuff on a 3rd gen 4 runner like i have on my taco?! thanks jon
  7. Landcruiserwanted

    For Sale  96 LX450 Heavy Build 189k

    I have a 96 Lx450 for sale, I am located in Texas. This vehicle is built for the weekend warrior. I bought the vehicle stock last year and started the build in August. All the aftermarket goodies have just almost a year on them. I am Asking $13,500 Goodies: 3"OME lift Heavy 17" Wheels 33"...
  8. LC Magi

    Heavy Duty Steel fender flairs

    This is a pair of fender flares I made for a customer at my work. He asked for steel fender flares and I never really liked the look of the tube ones with a flat plate across the top. So I made them completely out of 3/16 plate. The first one I made was 1/4 inch and about three quarters of the...
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