grab bar

  1. Y

    For Sale FJ40 grab bar oem

    Oem grab bar $40 Sold
  2. C

    Wanted Brown Grab Bar

    Hi MUD, I am looking for a brown grab bar that I can install on the passanger side dash. It's for a 1992 LC. PM me if you have one. Thanks, -A
  3. danadog

    Factory Passenger Grab Bar Leather Cover - Anyone Making One?

    I just bought a grab bar from Cruiser Parts and I am disappointed in the finish they used to dye the grey bars brown. It looks like they just spray painted it with gloss spray paint. I can't bring my self to poke holes in my dash to install it, as in my it opinion doesn't match. This got me...
  4. FZJ80Cruiser

    For Sale 80 Series Land Cruiser Dash grab bar- WA

    (2 available) Brand New 95-97 80 series OEM Dash grab bars in GREY color. $80 + shipping, PM with any questions. Thank you.
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