fj80 1994

  1. H

    93’ Cruiser coming back after 10 years of sleep

    Hey y’all I’m new to the forum and need some help from you well educated folks for my fj80. Purchased by my dad in 1993 the rig was driven for a few years on and off but for nearly the last decade it has not been driven. Fired up a couple times several years ago but not driven. I need some...
  2. Boss Hog

    For Sale  Trail Taylor FJ80 Sliders ('94 and below)

    Brand new-never installed. $500 + shipping
  3. T

    Wanted  ISO fzj80 replacement panels

    Bought about a month ago and getting ready for paint booth and apparently they do not make replacement panels for the 80 series... need driver and passenger side rear corners
  4. jltemlock

    Transmission chugging noise on 94 FJ80

    Hi Everyone: I recently dropped my transmission pan to change out the ATF and clean the filter on my 94 FJ80. The transmission is now making a really funky and consistent whirring noise- Kind of like a chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga- no matter what gear it's in (including park). In addition...
  5. T

    1994 Landcruiser Spare wheel and tire for sale

    I just bought a original Alloy wheel and got a tire for it to use as my spare tire. I have the original spare wheel and tire that I wish to sell. The wheel is in excellent condition. Tire is Dunlop Grandtrek P225/75/R15 in quite good condition and will work for you for a long time to come...
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