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  1. H

    For Sale  40,55,60,80 misc. parts NV

    I have an assortment of parts for sale. These are all new items. Parts are raw steel, ready for paint or powder except 80 drop brackets, they are red powder. This is some surplus stock I acquired from a manufacture, they have never been installed. Parts are located in Southern Nevada. I only...
  2. F

    Wanted  MAF drop brackets for fj80

    Searching for 4" or 3" control arm drop brackets. I believe the only outfit that makes them is Man-a-fre but let me know if there is another. shipping to Washington state is a must, unless youre local, then ill pick them up. Thanks, Kenny
  3. Phildoh

    Lift height with caster bushings, plates, drop brackets, Slee arms etc...

    So I'm converting my rear axle to leaf springs and I've removed the Slee 6" coils, links and all that stuff in the kit. My question is a friend is interested in buying the kit, and then purchasing parts for his front end. He already has a 2.5" coil and CC plates, how high can you go with CC...
  4. AaKnight

    Man-A-Fre Control Arm Drop Bracket Problem

    Well, after doing my oil pump seal I was feeling brave and thought I would tackle this 2" control arm drop bracket setup I bought from manafree about a year ago. The brackets fit ok into the eyelet hole, but they don't perfectly align with the frame. But are close. They look perfect, until...
  5. Dragos80

    Wanted  Man-A-Fre 2" drop brackets 80 Series

    As the title says. Looking for a pair of 2" drop brackets. Thanks.
  6. fzj80joe

    Wanted  2" MAF caster drop brackets

    Is anyone moving up to a larger lift and looking to sell their 2" drop brackets?
  7. Farrell Martin

    Tips/Tricks to Installing MAF Drop Brackets

    I am going to be installing some MAF drop brackets in the next couple of days and was curious if there are and tricks/tips to doing so before I get started. Is there a certain technique to use to lower the rear of the LCA? I have also heard mention of some grinding to aid the install - where...
  8. Farrell Martin

    Wanted  Caster Plates or Drop Brackets for 2 - 3 Inch Lift

    I have finally pieced together the parts for my lift (850, 860) and am just missing the means to correct caster to complete the install. I don't like the CC bushing idea, so looking for either the control arm drop bracket (DD and fire road use, no rock crawling) or caster correction plates that...
  9. h20g

    For Sale  SOLD! - 4" MAF Drop Brackets - Front Control Arm

    Used brackets from my 1997 FZJ 80, $150 shipped.
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