1. MCtree

    Extended drawer weight limit

    I’m looking to put a drawer system into my 200. Until I can afford a fridge, I will use my Yeti on the sliding platform. But an empty yeti cooler is monstrously heavy and once filled with food and ice, it’s practically immobile. So I worry about if a sliding platform can hold that weight...
  2. Nikofzj80

    ARB RD1045 drawers on FZJ80

    hi guys. Just installed the ARB drawers in my 80. Pretty straight forward. I didn't drill the holes on the anchor points, as suggested by ARB. I used the original hole instead. I believe the instructions say that that hole needs to be bigger in diameter in order to take the provided bolts...
  3. RuggedBound

    Rack Drawer and Gull Wing group buy intro special

    As promised, we are offering a group buy exclusively to the IH8MUD and GXOR forum (this forum link will be posted in GXOR on FB also) to celebrate our IH8MUD vendor account launch. For those who missed our forum introduction: we are a Houston, TX based importer & distributor for South African...

    Low-Volume, Lightweight Removable Drawer Storage Project

    Been looking into drawers since about a week after I bought my LX. Like a lot of the manufactured solutions out there but had a couple specific needs in mind and wanted to turn it into a quick little project. Just sharing this here as a means to document this for myself, and so that someone down...
  5. mmorgan24

    For Sale  MS: ARB RD1045 & RDRF1045 Drawers and COB200 barrier. NEW.

    ARB COB200 - technically a half barrier that's made to work with the ARB drawers. ARB RD1045 and RDRF1045 drawers, one fixed and one slider, and barrier for sale. These are NEW, never used. I have a set installed in my 2013. Don't ask me why I have TWO sets (one installed on my LC)! Check our...
  6. TrekboxX

    Trekboxx for FJ Cruiser

    Hey all! For those of you that haven't heard of Trekboxx, we are a huge company... Ok, I lied. It's actually just me. I make drawer systems for the LC, 4runner, and Jeep crowd and have had a lot of requests over the years for an FJ system. I wanted to start the conversation and get any...
  7. H

    Wanted  80 Series Drawers [Kansas/Denver]

    I am looking for drawers for my 1993. It can be either just drawers, or drawers/sleeping platform. I live in Kansas (Manhattan), but will be driving through Colorado, Southern Utah, and Arizona starting on 10 September as I am moving to Southern Arizona. Any help is appreciated. -Hunter
  8. OregonB

    Wanted  used drawer system for '05 LX

    Looking to put a drawer system in the back of my rig; don't need a lot of fancy, just two drawers & would like height to = folded-down 2nd row seats, for sleeping. Portland/Tacoma/Seattle.
  9. DJCloz


    Up for sale is a KISS Landshark Solo for 100 Series. Passenger Side. I bough this to replace my double drawer system to be able to still use 1 3rd row seat. However, I ended up still keeping my KISS Drawer system. It is still brand new in the box, never opened. It was $444 shipped to me...
  10. Outsane

    Drawer system designing

    I have been pondering making a DIY kit for drawers. I built my own set a few months ago for a long trip we did and used it as a sleeping platform and storage. The thing has been great! I now have a CNC machine made for milling plywood / Flat stock. Looking for some feed back, these are...
  11. DJCloz

    For Sale  100 series KISS Drawer System Socal

    only selling to replace with a Solo single side drawer from cruiser dave because I find myself needing 1 of the 3rd row seats these days with extended family moving in with me. this is an awesome setup and ready to go. I black stained the wood, tan carpet and hinged the wings, and installed...
  12. J0seph

    My budget sleeping setup - $29ish

    So I want to start experience going out and camping in my LC100. I dont want to spend a lot in drawers or sleeping platform until I'm sure about the route I'm going. I figured I can measure and cut a set of plastic shelves(Lowes) to match the height of the folded back seats (around 10.25") I...
  13. geocruiser

    For Sale  Built 2000 LC. Rusty, but runs great

    I've owned this truck for the last 7 1/2 years. She runs great, but may need some body rust taken care of, depending on where you live. Unfortunately I need a truck that can haul some heavier loads, and I need to let this one go. $4,000 OBO ~145k miles Pittsburgh Lots of upgrades: Steel...
  14. C

    For Sale  100 series drawers

    I built these drawers, but since then my wife has needed the seats to haul around kids, so now they are just collecting dust in the garage. Made from 5/8 baltic birch plywood. The slides are rated to 500 lbs, and are lock in/out. I never put a finish on these, but was going to linex them. $1200
  15. icorradoi

    ARB Fridge Slide without drawers

    Has anyone mounted their ARB fridge slide directly to the floor in the back of their 80? I use the 3rd row sorta frequently and I would like to be able to install and remove the fridge fairly quickly. It's a 50qt. ARB Just wondering what the best way to do this would be? Plywood bolted to...
  16. cruzerDave

    KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) For FJ Cruisers

    A quick headsup that I am finally releasing KISS Drawers for the FJ Cruiser: The above truck is a friend at work who has been relentless in getting me to build for the FJ, and we are in final production tweaks now. I don't have the model-specific details like dimensions and volume up on...
  17. Tareq

    LX470 drawers system / sleep platform

    . Hello all, I just uploaded a video on my YouTube channel showing me building the drawers system for my LX470. Hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you have any question :) .
  18. worldmir

    For Sale  Overlanding Drawers, Water Tank and Fridge Slider LC100

    Built this system about two years ago for our big drive around the world. Well, we did the trip and learned some things along the way. We ended up driving from California down to South American and then from Korea to the UK. We are currently near London and would like to sell the complete...
  19. Tareq

    New Overlanding LX470 owner!!

    Hello all, First, I would like thank this community for the wealth of info they share on this forum. I like sport cars, but always wanted to try offroading, overlanding to be specific. I used this forum extensively in the last 4 months of research. I have considered 3rd and 4th gen 4runners...
  20. LBridges

    2016 or '17 owners with drawers?

    I've checked a with a couple of knowledgeable vendors here on Mud and so far no one is willing to confirm if the drawers will fit in the '16 or '17 model years. Going to the US-ARB website and they only spec through 15. Looked at US Dobinsons, then checked Titan and a few other of the AU...
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