1. Solace in Solitude

    SOLD  North Las Vegas, NV: 1978 FJ40

    Note: Being colorblind, I fought a losing battle with the color selector, above the line, above. She is DUNE BEIGE (416) For Sale: 1978 FJ40 Federal Spec FJ40 - DeSmogged Cons: DeSmogged, No Heaters, No Jump Seats Pros: Matching numbers All electrical modifications fully documented Fuel...
  2. Gentlejackjones

    For Sale  2F Smog system from '84 FJ60[Gulf Coast - Ala.]

    I recently de-smogged my '84 FJ60 here in Mobile, Ala. I have a box of smog equipment. I also have the Aisin carb that I took off in favor of a Weber. $175 for the smog stuff, plus shipping. $200 for the carb, plus shipping.
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