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  1. B

    HELLO :-) Need Help! - looking for 70 series OEM chassis CAD file

    Hello Everybody, Looking to fabricate and add to my Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series chassis - and I desperately need the CAD file - where can I get it? Thanks! Benjy
  2. L

    80 series custom winch bar

    Hi all! Just after some advise and pointers. Going to be building myself a tube styled front bar. Only got two weekends to do it! My 80 has the factory winch and winch cradle so won’t be mounting the winch into the new bar. I’m planning on building off the factory cradle and boxing it in. Has...
  3. unfortunately

    Wanted  Custom cut convex mirror glass?

    I have an HJ61 with electric fender mirrors. They are the coolest bit of unobtainium that I've, um, obtained. Only real problem is, the glass is cracked on both sides. Is there a vendor anywhere in the world that will create new mirror glass based on specs (and ship it to the United States)? Or...
  4. dubyahard

    An amateur's trailer build...

    Introduction Purchased a '97 FZJ80 in October 2015. We wheeled, camped, explored, hauled, and have been generally enjoying the PNW since we moved here in July 2015. The 80 has served it's utility purposes admirably and it's upgrades have served it well. I don't have a build thread but you can...
  5. 80 storage detail

    80 storage detail

    Riveted hinge on a prototype tailgate storage lid.
  6. Tailgate storage prototype

    Tailgate storage prototype

    Working on hinge details. These will be shipping soon with two micro texture powercoat colors.
  7. Back Bay Customs 80 Series tailgate storage lid

    Back Bay Customs 80 Series tailgate storage lid

    This is one of the prototype storage lids we are designing and manufacturing for the FJ80. Two, micro texture powdercoat colors will be avalible soon.
  8. FJ80 tailgate storage panel

    FJ80 tailgate storage panel

    Two prototype storage doors for the fj80/fzj80 tailgate. Refining the design, choosing hardware and finishes.
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