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  1. N

    For Sale  Middle TN, Wheels and Snow Tires for 1998-2007 LX 470

    Just bought a '98 LX 470 and it came with snow tires and factory 16" wheels. Tires are 265/75-R16 Cooper Discoverer M+S. Two are new with almost 100% of treat, the other two look like they have 50% of tread left. Some oxidation/corrosion on the barrels of the wheels, face of wheels range from...
  2. DesertCruiser80

    SOLD  Las Cruces, NM: Four (4) 31" x 10.5" r15 Cooper Discoverer ATP + OEM Spare

    Tires have plenty of tread. Rims are in very good condition. Have 4 chrome hubcaps for them. Spare rim is OEM from '91-'92. Spare tire is old. $600 takes the lot. I can also sell the spare separate from the 4 set of good wheels.
  3. PNWScooby

    For Sale  New 255/85r16 ST Maxx w/ wheels

  4. Bama80

    Current tire deals

    Discount tire direct is usually the cheapest place I've found to get tires shipped to your door. Last night I stumbled onto a deal where if you order from their ebay store right now through 3/16/16 you get $100 off any order over $400. Set of 4 ST Maxxs in 295/70r18 came out to $233 a tire with...
  5. Random Dan

    Cooper Discoverer AT3 question

    So I'm looking at buying a set of AT3s for my 61. I like the 31x10.5 size, so I was just going to go with that. Then I noticed that it also comes in 265/75R15 which is virtually the same size, but the tire is slightly different. The main difference seems to be the load rating: the 265 being SL...
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