1. K

    60 series wheel tyre options

    searching for wider wheel options for road comfort and to lessen the harsh road feel of my 85 60 series wagon H1 diesel. Its extremely good condition. Currently it has worn since new standard sized chrome wheels. I used to run about 32 psi. this led to scrubbing of front passenger (LHS for...
  2. E

    GX470 Wheel/Tire/Lift Picture Combination Thread

    Another forum I am on has a thread like this and I found it extremely helpful in picking tires and lifts. For those who would like to contribute, post your combination of the tire size/brand/type including lift and any modification to fender, running boards, liners or bumpers. If you have...
  3. Bardiya

    White Instrument Cluster Background?

    Aftermarket cluster that came on my cruiser
  4. S

    Turn Signal / Combination Switch replacement

    I need help on a combination switch problem from RHD to LHD well here it goes, I got a HDJ81V-RNPEX 1HDT RHD converted to LHD. The part number for the turn/combination switch assembly with cruise control is 84310-6A080 which the left lever would be the wiper control and the headlight would be...
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