1. B

    1982 BJ40 Restoration/Modification

    Hello all, I posted once or twice on here several months ago seeking input to inform my choice of land cruiser. After looking at dozens of them, I came to the realization that rather than finding the perfect cruiser, I needed to look through the superficial parts to find the perfect bones of a...
  2. B

    MUDShip  Shipping from Colombia to the US?

    Does anybody have any recommendations on shipping a 1976 Nissan Patrol from Colombia to Dallas TX. having a tough time finding someone who will ship from Colombia. Any recommendations? Thank you!
  3. B

    1979 - 1984 Purchase Recommendations

    Greetings all, After fifteen years for messing around with diesel trucks and dual sport motorcycles, I find myself in Bogota, Colombia where I am surrounded by awesome Land Cruisers every day. It's gotten to the point that I can't resist anymore, and I have to take the plunge. In spite of the...

    Getting an FJ 43 from Colombia

    Hey guys! I'm interested to know any experiences in bringing an FJ 43 from Colombia. The car has been in my family for a while but I now live in California and I would love to bring it here. I would probably get it in good shape before bring it here. Disc Brakes, new soft top and power steering...
  5. pillguy

    Landcruiser Prado en Colombia

    Hey all, I thought I would provide an update on Landcruiser sightings in Colombia while on Vacation. So far, I have been to 3 major cities, Bogata, Medellín and Bucarramanga and a trip to the country side to see a big rock. Lots of the older cruisers converted to pickup trucks with tall sides...
  6. FloridaFJ80

    2016 Land Cruiser Heaven Colombian Expedition - Aug 3-15/2016

    Many members expressed interest on taking a trip to Colombia in their rigs, similar to how I did with my rig. Check it out here: My Toyota Parts search Expedition Well I have created a trip for those couragous and adventurous souls that want to explore Colombia behind the wheel of their own rig...
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