1. ampline

    For Sale 80 series brush guard WAAG

    WAAG brush guard. Removed from a California 80, zero rust. A little faded. Located in northern Kentucky. $200 obo
  2. stock

    New front brush bar and blacked out hood

    After going wheeling with you the first time, I knew I needed to get some armor. We have the sliders ordered with y'all and I just added this new ARB, winch brush bar up front. The hood lost it's clear coat and when I gave it a lite sand, I was going to metal. So in the meantime, I cleaned it...
  3. bparker

    For Sale FJ40/45 NLA SOR Brush Guard TX

    SOR Brush Gaurd for 40/45 series Hard to find and no longer available from specter Excellent condition no damage Comes with two mounted lights unsure of condition Willing to meet around DFW/Austin or drop off at a local Fastenal Asking $650 OBO plus shipping
  4. R

    For Sale 1991 FJ80 Stock bumper and Brush Guard- Columbia,SC

    As stated in the thread title I have a stock undamaged FJ80 bumper and brush guard for sale located in Columbia, SC. Price is $150 for both and I'm pretty sure shipping would kill this but I am willing to do it at the purchasers cost. Bumper is in good condition, more pics can be taken on...
  5. K

    For Sale Wire Brush for FJ40 Frame

    This is a rectangular wire brush that can be trimmed to fit INSIDE an FJ40 frame. I bought two, used one to prep for paint and it worked great. This one is new and unused. $40 bucks for the brush and handle. Shipping extra.
  6. Willard

    Wanted FJ60 brush guard

    Looking for a FJ60 brush guard I know a real bumper would be better, I just do not want the weight or a winch hanging off there 24x7.
  7. LINUS

    Favorite spray can/brush paints & your prep practices?

    Thought I'd start a thread about favorite paints you use -either rust converters or for clean metal- kind of like a "pet handloads" of ammo, just for paint. I have no experience with John Deere paints, so would like to hear on those myself. My favorites: ==Clean metal - Rustolium Industrial...
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