brake failure

  1. GMSilk_Fj60

    Fj80 booster + T100 master + 4Runner calipers + Fj60 drums

    The title describes my set up. Fj80 booster + T100 brake master + 4Runner calipers + Fj60 drums I put it all together and took it for a drive. It feels good for a bit then the brakes started dragging. About 10 miles into my drive I start down a large hill and smoke the front calipers. Small...
  2. V

    Brake Line Burst in '99 LC

    Hi All, I had a break line bursting in my ’99 LC 100 at 265k miles. Very fortunately, it happened in the driveway at home, as I was warming up. The vehicle had not been driven off-road in years, so I believe this is the old age manifesting in brake line corrosion. Ironically, brakes were on my...
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