1. jamesurq

    Brand New Product - April 1st release. Rust Hole Magnets!

    Introducing rust Magnets, the best way to protect your ride from the casual thief. These easily removable Magnets will make that that opportunistic car thief reconsider your rust bucket behind the fence. Take them off for cars and coffee; slap them on when you head downtown to avoid carjackers...
  2. MexicanNewby

    My Mexican 1965 FJ40V Build Thread

    This is a thread more than two years late but it has to start somewhere. Quick background: I have VERY little knowledge about cars and had never even considered a restoration project, let alone an FJ40. The first time I ever saw an FJ40 was in Phoenix while looking to buy an FJ80 for road trips...
  3. M

    Wanted  Looking for passenger side fender w/molding 1999 land cruiser green

    Hi all, I'm driving from Virginia to SoCal. I'm looking for a passenger side fender w/molding for my green (preferably, any color will do) 1999 land cruiser. I'll be driving through TN I-40, AR I-30, Tx I-20 & I-10, Az I-10, does nobody has one for sale that I can pick up in my way home? Or...
  4. Dunkane


    Here is a new website to visit Body panels for toyota FJ40 BJ40 pre or post 79 HJ45 FJ45 completly new bed rain gutter 40 and 45 bushtaxi much more to come :)
  5. antigravity

    Antigravity's FJ60: Video Build series

    I wanted to get a thread started to show all you good people my project. Another Project Rusty (seems like there are more than a few) I am going to document this series in Video form, with pictures as needed (pretty much only for you mud people) And here is a kick-off video. My buddy and I...
  6. J

    Before & After Bodywork

    Finally got my 04 LX in to have the front and rear bumpers painted. When I took delivery of it, there was some undisclosed damage to the front bumper. Looked like the PO had hit a post or something and deformed the bumper brace and mount, and someone had done a very quick N dirty respray on...
  7. Snickklefrittz

    Rocker panel rot. Can I remove and replace the whole panel?

    I've got some rot on my DS rocker panel. It's about the size of a silver dollar, but it's gone pretty deep. Is my best bet to cut and weld a new piece on with it still on the truck? Or would I be able to remove the rocker panel and fix it that way? Thanks!
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