Before & After Bodywork


Jun 4, 2006
Finally got my 04 LX in to have the front and rear bumpers painted. When I took delivery of it, there was some undisclosed damage to the front bumper. Looked like the PO had hit a post or something and deformed the bumper brace and mount, and someone had done a very quick N dirty respray on the bumper. The selling dealership gave me some $$ after I squawked about it, so I replaced the RF frame end cap, bumper brace, bar, impact beam, LF headlight bezel (cracked), installed clear corner markers........body shop stripped and repainted both front and rear (dinged up from 13 years of use) bumpers. It looks phenominal now, I'm super stoked to have it looking the way it should have all along. It's not showroom, but it looks great for a 174k mile ride.

NOW THE GOLD BADGES HAVE TO OEM silver ones are sitting on my desk, just waiting for a warm, sunny day to install them:)



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