1. Matt1260

    what about that blowby...?

    Oil is getting pushed out of the new rear main oil seal. Crankcase pressure? blowby?
  2. T

    Stock 1hdtft upgrade to Gturbo Badboy or Grunter ?

    Hi all I'm new to this so please excuse me if this the wrong forum, I've got a stock 1hdft 80 series manual with 380,000km on it in great condition over serviced if anything. It's our family car shopping trolley and touring set up, I've had it for 15 years brought my children home from hospital...
  3. T

    Stock 1hdft saying hi with a heap of noobie questions ...

    Hi all just wanted to say hi and introduce our family 80 "serious" as my kids call it. I've got a 95 hdj80 manual with a 1hdft engine with 380,000km of experience.. Front E locker Safari snorkel ARB bar and rails 2" lift 285 bfg's 3" exh And the conveniences - dual batteries - alloy roof rack...
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