Stock 1hdft saying hi with a heap of noobie questions ...

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Aug 8, 2016
Western Australia
Hi all just wanted to say hi and introduce our family 80 "serious" as my kids call it.

I've got a 95 hdj80 manual with a 1hdft engine with 380,000km of experience..
Front E locker
Safari snorkel
ARB bar and rails
2" lift
285 bfg's
3" exh
And the conveniences
- dual batteries
- alloy roof rack with 80 w solar
- engle fridge on tilt slide
- home made cargo shelf
- hard wired compressor
- 240v inverter

It's our family car shopping trolley and touring set up, I've had it for 15 years brought my children home from hospital ect. Ect. So to say it's a part of the family is an understatement.

It's getting long in the tooth and other diesel cruisers are more refined but I Just can't part with it, so it's time to start "upgrading a stock 1hdft" I'm apprehensive, so to do things right I've just ordered a HPD front mount intercooler, catch can and a moonlight industries air box, with the intent of upgrading to a Gturbo now to just decide which one bad boy or grunter ?

Concerns are excessive blowby & decreased engine life, I've read a heap of threads here and all have had different experiences but all seem to be recent with no long term kms under the tyres, so any real world experiences would be great to hear. Sorry for the babble just wanted to try and paint a picture.
Welcome :flipoff2:

Before fitting the uprated turbo or intercooler get the engine compression tested properly by someone who knows his diesels. This includes making sure the valves are adjusted correctly. Perhaps a leak down test? Once done you have the baseline on the engines condition and can have a better idea if it will simply fall apart once you start working the additional parts.

This would be where I start before opening the wallet.


Also, there's a specific diesel section where questions like this will catch the eyes of other diesel owners.
Also, there's a specific diesel section where questions like this will catch the eyes of other diesel owners.

Quite right IanB, I had not given it a thought as I do not post over there a lot. I suppose a really good reason is the diesel engine is so damn reliable!!

And the drivetrain,'s a drive train like most other 80's.


Cheers guys, the engine is in good condition the oil doesn't even turn black after 5000km and has been serviced meticulously, with all maintenance items replaced as needed some before time eg. pump & injectors, all hoses water pump, timing belt and tensioner all just because she's getting older and reliability is key to where we go.
Sounds like a good solid base to start from, I think following on from IanB's post, it might be better placed if you run the thread from the MUD diesel forum?



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