1. emac

    Blinker on solid on one side no matter what I do....

    My 77 FJ40 has been pretty flawless electrically since the restoration. I went through the entire harness replacing every connector that looked bad. Today, I left the car idling and when I came back the driver side blinkers were on. Not flashing, just on. Dash light was solid on as well. I...
  2. mountainman1477

    Led blinker relay

    With the TJM bumper it has led blinkers and now they blink furiously. Bought a led flasher relay on line and the said direct fit but it is only a three pronge and the one under the dash had quite a few more. Am I looking at the wrong relay or is there a certain kind I can find to fit factory plug.
  3. FJville

    Turn signal indicator stalk interchange 40 series with 60 series

    Has anyone swapped out their FJ45/FJ40 indicator etc stalk for a later model one? Looking to get one from a 1980's FJ60 which also has the wipers and headlights on it to use on my 1976 FJ45 and eliminate some of the push pull switches from in the dash (as P.O. has already butchered the standard...
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