bikini top

  1. mrjordann

    Anyone seen a Full-covering FJ40 Bikini Top??

    Hi, found this pic of a Jeep with a soft top which covers the whole vehicle, but not the sides. Here's a pic Anyone seen this for FJ40? I have a bikini top from bestop, but it makes the back seats basically useless. Thanks!
  2. SMG

    SOLD  FJ40 Black PVC Bikini Top

    FJ40 Black PVC Bikini Top, This Bikini Top is new and has only been installed and never left my garage. Includes windshield channel. This top was made by @Julie2006 at Anchor Stitch. Her company is who made all of @Trollhole tops and now sells them directly. The quality is impeccable and...
  3. C

    SOLD  FJ40 Bikini top Arizona, USA

    FJ40 Suntop brand Bikini top. New. Never used. $30.00
  4. mrjordann

    FJ40 owners- do you have a bikini top?

    Hello! I am looking for a soft top for my 73 fj40. I have been considering the Bestop bikini top. If you have the Bestop brand, I have a question. Do I need to screw anything into my windshield frame? Or can I use the pre-existing holes from the hardtop? And if you don't have Bestop brand, what...
  5. WaTrout88

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 Black Bikini Top

    Anyone interested in a black bikini top? I am getting my hard top together and no longer have a need for it. Not sure what they go for used but I would like to get $60 out of it. Let me know. Ben
  6. FixedIt

    eBay  SOR Family Summer Top AND WS Channel

    All, These are new items, never installed. The top is still in the original packaging. Priced at $119 for BOTH plus shipping Specter Off-Road Family Summer top AND Windshield Channel
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