1. mrjordann

    Anybody know someone who could fix my bent door?

    First off, yes I am stupid. I've been through enough self-hatred and regret for damaging the neatest truck I've ever seen. It is what is is, and my door is smashed. So I was backing my FJ40 out of my garage, and I thought my door was closed. The latch was half-closed, but just enough to swing...
  2. bdiemer

    Bent draglink on FJ40

    Anyone local that can make a new draglink? This is for my 40 that has Saginaw PS.
  3. J

    Bent transfer lever

    Anybody know what causes the intermediate shift lever to bend in transfer case? I rebuild this case 10 years ago from a parts 40, and went to install it today. Couldn't get the shifter to work with the gate. Finally removed some parts from a working rig and noticed the bend. Nothing was noted...
  4. 67Rebuild

    Bent windshield - repair

    My windshield is bent in two places and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. Has anyone straightened their windshield without a press or body straightening tools? If yes let me know. See pics
  5. V

    Pickup IFS Crossmember bent?

    Hi everybody, brand new here, but figured I'd start things out with a little bit of quandry I'm in. I picked up a 90' Pickup for next to nothing, and am planning on doing an SAS on it, but noticed that one of the IFS crossmembers looks pretty funky. Can't tell if this is an insane bend, or...
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