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  1. AaKnight

    Wanted WTB: FZJ80 Rear Brake Backing Plate / Splash Shield (disc brakes)

    I've got a 95 with rusted out brake backing plates and am looking for a fresh "er" set to replace them with. My rig is a 95 fzj80 with full float rear with disc brakes. Wanting both sides. Thank-ya! :beer:
  2. AaKnight

    Wanted needed for FZJ80: Rear Brake Backing Plates

    My rear brake backing plates are disintegrating on me and the springs for the brake cabkle have broken off. Looks like I need both sides. Anyone have a pair of unrusted ones they want to sell? Specifically I'm looking for these guys to fit a full float rear axle on a 95 fzj80: 47044-60060...
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